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Do: Living Water Wells -- Tandala Hospital

Tandala Hospital

In all of Ubangi, there are few places that have as great an impact as Tandala hospital. As one of only two hospitals in all of the Ubangi (remember, the size of Indiana!), Tandala hospital serves as a testimony of both physical and spiritual healing in the Congo. Established in the Ubangi in 1955 by the Evangelical Free Church of the Congo (CECU), Tandala hospital currently serves half a million people through their main hospital and thirty additional rural health centers. The hospital has 175 beds, usually full, manned by sixty nurses and four Congolese physicians. Yet, even with over six thousand hospitalized patients every year, the running cost of the entire hospital and the thirty health centers is only $250,000 per year. This is possible only through donations from churches and individuals to meet the need of a region where the per capita income is less than $100 per year.

So where does Do: Living Water come in?

In addition to the beds at Tandala hospital, the nurses and physicians maintain residence close to the hospital with their families. As well there are five schools close to the hospital, which means many children and their families live nearby. This means that a lot of water is needed, and with a hospital and many children in the area, dirty water is not an option. In fact, as many as five wells will be needed in the area of Tandala to adequately provide for their pressing need.

Although the need is great, I'm convinced that the potential for meeting this need is even greater. In a land where we have no shortage of clean water, we have an oppritunity to reach out to a land where clean water is greatly limited. By working at Tandala and drilling wells at a hospital that serves so many in Jesus name, we have an opporitunity, to bring not only physical water, but the Living Water, Jesus Christ, as well.